Griffin Allstar is an independent clothing company based out of London, UK.

It is run by owner Griffin Dickinson "I've always had a love for design, whether it was drawing doodles on my school notebooks or carving up cardboard boxes to look like spaceships. There's always been a part of me that's wanted to create. I always thought the Music Industry was where I wanted to be. It wasn't until I saw the likes of Drop Dead and WHO? getting their brand onto stages with some of my favourite bands that I saw it as an ideal way to incorporate my love of Music, Design and Skateboarding into one creative output; Clothing. After a series of drunken evenings discussing my idea with friends & family and the ambition to fly above the rest, Griffin Allstar was born."

After months of planning, sourcing and designing we released our first line of T-Shirts in May of 2012. Having received a solid response from our customer base, we began to send out T-Shirts to bands that owner Griffin had met through his previous job as a Drum Technician/ Stage Carpenter. Within a few weeks, members of Iron Maiden, Funeral for a Friend, Rise to Remain, Bleed from Within and Axewound to name a few were all helping to push the brand to new global heights. With the support and success of our first line, we released our Winter range in December 2012 to include 2 Sweatshirts and 5 Beanies. 

Now in 2013 we have released a collaboration with Ben Clark (Illustrator) on our 1000 Faces T and are just about to drop our Summer range which is looking to include shorts, vests, t-shirts and even a pair of sunglasses or two! Having recently been featured in FRONT magazine as part of this month's "Essentials" section we look forward to a prosperous year ahead. This is just the beginning!

 - GA, 2013.